Wicket Brood are a Border side formed in 1994 who practice in the village of Bricket Wood, near St Albans in Hertfordshire.

They are known for their flamboyant dancing and powerful music. They perform a wide range of border dances, some sourced from original notation others written by themselves.

Their signature dance is the Worcestershire Monkey, which they wrote both the music and dance for. The Worcestershire Monkey is traditionally performed by Wicket Brood with as many as 7 other Border sides to mark the end of the Swanage Folk Festival on the sea front. The massed Worcestershire Monkey, supported by the musicians from all the participating sides playing the Weasle’s Revenge is an unmissable sight at the end of the festival. Several of the sides often then repair to the sea to perform a selection of dances in the water.