Tinners Morris

Dance sides, Free

Tinners Morris wear top hats, white trousers and shirt, coloured waistcoat, red and white ribbons, with red Padstow hankies.
From: South Zeal, Devon
Style: Cotswold
Website: http://www.tinnersmorris.com/
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Festival locations

Events are located around the town centre, mainly Sandpit Field and Shore road. Click here for a map of the locations.


Some parts of the Festival are free and others need you to buy a ticket. Click here for more details about tickets.

Tinners Morris

Dancing mainly in the Cotswold tradition they dance with handkerchiefs, sticks and sometimes even iron bars. They have great musicians who play for them using musical energy to drive us to leap higher in the air with each tune they play and to entertain us all before, during and after dances.