Taeppas Tump

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Taeppa's Tump is a women's Morris side which dances in clogs, burgundy skirts, green aprons and straw hats with an equally stylish band.
Style: North West
Website: https://www.taeppastump.co.uk/
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Taeppas Tump

Festival locations

Events are located around the town centre, mainly Sandpit Field and Shore road. Click here for a map of the locations.


Some parts of the Festival are free and others need you to buy a ticket. Click here for more details about tickets.

Taeppas Tump

Tæppa’s Tump is a Ladies North West Morris side which was formed in 1981. It’s a women’s Morris side based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The dancers wear clogs, burgundy skirts, white blouses, green aprons and decorated straw hats. The band (of men and women) wear burgundy shirts, white trousers and decorated top hats.

The name is taken from one of the area’s outstanding archaeological sites, the burial mound of “Tæppa” a Saxon chieftain who gave his name to Taplow, which is now a very pleasant village on the outskirts of Maidenhead. The burial mound was opened at the end of the last century and yielded a collection of Saxon grave goods, which are now in the British Museum and are second only to the Sutton Hoo Burial Hoard.

They dance in the North West style which originated from Cheshire and Lancashire.


Each year Swanage is filled with a music and dance spectacle,
including FREE and ticketed events across the weekend.


Craft fair, children’s entertainment, afternoon concerts – On Sandpit field

Dance displays, a procession and music – all around the town

Tickets needed

Evening concerts – on Sandpit field

Comedy Club  and concerts and in the Conservative Club  –

Ceilidh in Swanage School

Workshops – various locations