Ragged Phoenix

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Ragged Phoenix dance in the colours of the phoenix - red, orange, yellow and gold on black.
From: Eastbourne
Style: Border
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RaggedPhoenixMorris/
Performing at:
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Ragged Phoenix dancers

Festival locations

Events are located around the town centre, mainly Sandpit Field and Shore road. Click here for a map of the locations.


Some parts of the Festival are free and others need you to buy a ticket. Click here for more details about tickets.

Ragged Phoenix

Ragged Phoenix are an Eastbourne based Border Morris side.

They opted for a slightly louder and more vibrant appearance to the average Border side, as they “don’t really do ‘average'”. They’re performers and entertainers and want the audience to enjoy watching. They love what they do and hope to spread that far and wide.

Morris dancing is our national dance, it’s as diverse as the Brits and each type has it’s own rich heritage, imbued with patriotic pride.

It’s about as English as a bowler hat and a whippet. A tradition carried on the broken backs of cotton weavers, farm hands, tanners and smiths of all sorts.

Be proud to be British and a fine upstanding Englishman, or woman, and come along and support your local Morris side.