Is our humour funny?

OK, some of these are dreadful (well actually they’re all dreadful), but they’re made us smile (or grimace). Enjoy…..

Why don’t Morris dancers play hide and seek?

Well, good luck hiding with all those bells!

What’s the difference between Morris dancing and synchronised swimming?

The swimming looks better without the water!

OR, can you imagine how bedraggled a set of tatters would look?

How many Morris dancers does it take to change a light bulb?

Twelve. One to change it and eleven to say, “We don’t do it like that in our side!”

Oh yes, I can tell you know those people too!

Why did the Morris dancer bring a ladder to the pub?

To reach the high notes in the drinking songs!

What’s a Morris dancer’s favorite type of music?

Anything with a good beat… and lots of bells!