Madder Mill Molly

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Madder Mill Molly are based in Carshalton in Surrey. A mixed gender side dancing the Molly style wearing a black and red kit with bowler hats.
From: Carshalton/Wallington
Style: Molly
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Madder Molly
You'll be able to enjoy Madder Mill Molly at this year's Swanage Folk Festival.

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Madder Mill Molly

Madder Mill Molly is a mixed gender Molly team based in the Carshalton/Wallington area, who, after much research and preparation, finally got off the ground at the beginning February 2020. 

The Molly tradition has its origins in East Anglia/The Fens area and traditionally only dance a few weeks of the year in winter. Although there are many teams in these areas, there are very few in the South/ South East. With no local team to join, they decided to create their own team, so started a mixed gender team that dances throughout the year. The reference to Madder in our name refers to the root of the Madder plant which was ground in local mills to make red dye. If you see us out and about and like our style come and have a go, we’re a friendly bunch.

They are looking for new dancers to join the team. No previous experience is necessary but because of the dance style, anyone joining us as dancer will need to have good knees and hips! Other than that, enthusiasm, and a willingness to help build/be part of a team is all that is asked.

Madder Mill Molly Molly dance in black top and bottoms with red braces, neckercheifs and black bowler hats with red ribbon.

Molly dancing is a style of Morris Dancing from East Anglia, with no hankies, bells or sticks.