Keith is a very [very!] funny, globe-trotting, Geordie tall-tale-telling-singer-songwriter-guitarist. Keith could make sheep laugh! (Jasper Carrott)
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Cost: £15 for the session, or get a weekend ticket.
Keith Donnely is performing at the Swanage Folk Festival 2024

When to see Keith Donnelly

The Conservative club on Saturday afternoon. Click here to see the other bands playing in that session.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets early.

Festival locations

Events are located around the town centre, mainly Sandpit Field and Shore road. Click here for a map of the locations.


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Keith Donnelly

Keith could make sheep laugh! (Jasper Carrott)

Keith Donnelly –

stand-up comic, fall-down comedian,

surreal snigger-songwriter, guitar-hero, performance-artist,

[tall] story-teller, philophoser, scriptwriter, [none can] compere,

man-of-mystery, inner-childminder, actor, stuntman,

metaphysical-poet, human ping-pong ball,

life and soul of the [kids] party, world-class athlete,

leading socialite, raconteur, business tycoon, wit,

author, half-wit, secret[sh!]-agent,

[vauxhall] astral-traveller, shamen,

geordie-cultural-attache, word-juggler,

snake-charmer, underline-dancer,unexpected clairvoyant,

dream-weaver, daydream believer,

psycho-linguist, shark-wrangler, smile sculptor,

[compulsive] lying-tamer, Great-British eccentric,

[alleged] international-jewel-thief,

hot-dog-skier, alien-abductee,

zen grand-master, champion tiddly-winker, sandancer,

friend to the pantomime horse, erstwhile slice of bacon,


all-round good egg.


Craft fair, children’s entertainment, afternoon concerts – On Sandpit field

Dance displays, a procession and music – all around the town

Tickets needed

Evening concerts – on Sandpit field

Comedy Club  and concerts and in the Conservative Club  –

Ceilidh in Swanage School

Workshops – various locations