Swanage Folk Festival is committed to reducing the amount of waste we produce and we need your help to get even better.

Things we do

No single use plastic: This includes the cups we serve drinks in and we don’t sell single use water bottles. We don’t even use single use cable ties to hold up signs and lights.

Seperating waste and recyclable material: We spent a lot of time hiding behind the toilets going through the bins (believe me it’s not our favourite job either) to split out ‘rubbish’  from recycling. You can come and help if you like!!

How you can help

Seperate your rubbish: There are many bins around the festival field. Please put tin cans, plastic bottles and cardboard/ paper into the ones marked recycling and the rest of your rubbish into the other bins. Not only does this mean we have less rubbish to hand sort, it also means there’s less chance of us missing anything –  so more gets recycled. Thank you.

Use things more than once: Where possible use your drinks cups and all other reusable items more than once.

Use the water tap, don’t buy our water: Yes, we make money when you buy water from the bar, but we’d rather you used the water tap on the field to top up the water bottles you bring from home.

Take back your cups: The cups we serve beer in are reusable. Please give them back to us before you head home. We hire them and the hire company washes, then reuses them. As we also charge a £1 deposit on the cups, you might want to get your £1 back too.

Anything else?

If there are other ways you think we could make this a greener festival, we’d love your ideas and help.