Your chance to learn a new skill, or develop an old one. There’s a wide range of music and dance related workshops for you to enjoy at the Swanage Folk Festival, each run by a a subject expert, who may also be performing in the festival.

There is a small extra cost (£4 cash on the door) for the workshops, unless you have a weekend ticket. Sorry, but we can only take cash on entry to the worshop and booking isn’t possible. Arrive in plenty of time, get your tickets and enjoy learning.

At the bottom of this page is a map of the festival locations.

Ukelele for beginners

Learn Ukelele from the beginning with Uke star Richard Walker. This is your opportunity to learn, ask questions, chat and practice in this hands on workshop.

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Ukelele session

Come and brush up your Ukelele skills with Uke star Richard Walker. You canask questions, chat, learn and most importantly practice in this hands on workshop.

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Belly Dancing workshop

Learn traditional Egyptian Dance moves to music with Laura Bosworth, for everyone to learn and enjoy together. No previous experience necessary.

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Poetry Reading

Bring your your favourite poems, you’ll have the opportunity to reading them out and discussing technique and what makes a successful poem.

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Bollywood workshop

Luciele Crisp of Lucy C Dance Fitness in Swanage is running the Bollywood workshop, come and join the fun of dancing Indian rhythm!

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English Folk Dancing workshop

Learn simple to more complex dances, so you can enjoy barn and ceilidh dancing. Mike Walshaw’s been involved in English Folk Dancing for over 50 years.

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Singing workshop

Join this singing workshop with Lesley Whatley of Local Vocals. It’s your chance to join in, enjoy a hearty singsong and enjoy improving your technique.

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Step dance workshop

Learn Step Dance with the Buffalo Gals, who were a hit on stage at last year’s festival, with their percussive Appalachian stepdance. Later watch their concert.

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Alexander Technique workshop

Kate shares the basic concepts and a practical demonstration of the Alexander Technique. Come along and find out how the Alexander Technique can help you.

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French Dance workshop

Learn French Dances incl. bourrees, schottisches & mazurkas with Steve Earwicker, accompanied by Gill on cello’and Alasdair on accordion. No experience needed.

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