This is your opportunity to learn a new skill, or develop an old one. Every year there’s a wide range of music or dance related workshops for you to enjoy at the Swanage Folk Festival.

Each workshop is run by an expert in their subject, most of which are also performing in the festival. Get your tickets and get ready for to learn. Enjoy learning new skills in our secure and inclusive community of teachers and learners.

There is a small extra cost for the workshops, unless you have a ticket for the whole weekend. Tickets are available at the entry to the workshop, £4 cash only.

Click on any of the entries below to get more information. At the bottom of this page is a map of the festival locations.

Step Clog workshop

Helen Earwicker will teach you the basics of step clog including simple waltz steps. No experience necessary. Hard soles required as trainers stick to the floor.

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Ukelele for beginners

Brush up your Uke skills, or learn from the beginning, with Uke star Richard. Ask questions, chat, learn and practice in this hands on workshop.

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Comedy workshop

Rob Barrett – Comic poet, Humorist & Singer, will help you be funnier in your life, presentations, singing, in fact anywhere you communicate with others.

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Zumba workshop

Luciele Crisp is teaching this energetic rhythmic movement which certainly moves the body. Loose comfortable clothing and shoes required.

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Charleston workshop

Clare Nicholas will help you to perform the Charleston by the end of the session. No partners necessary.

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Latin American workshop

Clare Nicholson will demonstrate and teach basic jive-samba-cha cha etc. No previous experience or partner necessary.

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English Folk Dancing workshop

Mike Walshaw’s been involved in English Folk Dancing for over 50 years. You’ll learn simple to simple to more complex dances, so you can enjoy barn and ceilidh dancing.

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Spoons workshop

Jo May is running a Spoons workshop, learn how to play the spoons. A great skill to entertain or add to your repertoire.

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Circle Dancing

Janet Mason will be letting you experience the various styles and types of dances from all over the world. Please wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing

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Sea Shanty Workshop

The Wareham Whalers will perform and explain the origin and purpose of some of these shanties as. Listen or join in with the rousing choruses.

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Belly Dancing workshop

Learn traditional Egyptian Dance moves to music with Laura Boswell, for everyone to learn and enjoy together. No previous experience necessary.

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Bollywood workshop

Luciele will inspire you with the international rhythm of Bollywood; a graceful and exciting way to get fit. She will demonstrate, then teach the dance. No experience needed.

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French Dance workshop

Learn French Dances including bourrees,schottisches & mazurkas with Steve Earwicker, accompanied by Gill on cello’and Alasdair on accordion. No experience needed.

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Alexander Technique workshop

Kate Brailsford shares useful concepts of the Alexander Technique giving improved posture and movement, helping reduce and prevent problems caused by unhelpful habits.

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Laughter Yoga

Join Clive StJames’ laughter yoga workshop, the most fun workout you will ever have… stretching, laughing, breathing. Clive’s the UK’s number 1 laughter yoga facilitators.

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