Saturday at the Conservative Club

The conservative club in Swanage is one of the venues for the Swanage Folk Festival in 2022. It’s a great venue and these are the bands performing there on Saturday afternoon.

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Geoff Lakeman & Rob Murch

Geoff Lakeman & Rob Murch

Geoff Lakeman masterfully teases English & Irish folk, Americana and Jazz songs out of his vintage duet concertina. Rob Murch brings the wow factor to the banjo, with his unique, punchy fingerstyle playing. Both live on Dartmoor, so it was inevitable they’d...

Honey & the Bear

Honey & the Bear

British folk and roots duo Honey & the Bear combine delicately interweaving vocal harmonies with emotive and evocative songwriting. With a diverse range of sounds and textures, and rhythms that flow from the fast and furious to gentle ballads, their live...

Conservative Club

Venues - Conservative club


Number 10 on the map.

Situated just near the Co-op and the station; it’s about a 3 minute walk from the beach.