Sunday at the Conservative Club

The conservative club in Swanage is one of the venues for the Swanage Folk Festival in 2022. It’s a great venue and these are the bands performing thee on Sunday.

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Bram Taylor

Bram Taylor

Bram Taylor has established a reputation both in the UK and abroad. He engages audiences with his rich voice and entertaining sense of humour, performing a selection of traditional and contemporary material. Bram sings a cappella and also plays guitar, baritone...

The Magpies Duo

The Magpies Duo

Based on a deeply felt musical friendship, The Magpies work collaboratively, arranging material led by powerful vocals and glittering instrumental ornamentation. They each draw on their wide-ranging influences to create a unique blend of transatlantic folk,...

Conservative Club

Venues - Conservative club


Number 10 on the map.

Situated just near the Co-op and the station; it’s about a 3 minute walk from the beach.