Basingclog Morris

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Basingclog Morris are a side from Hampshire who dance North West. Their colour scheme is black/red/white and are famous for their floral hats!
From: Basingstoke
Style: North West
Basingclog morris dancers NU
You'll be able to enjoy Basingclog Morris at this year's Swanage Folk Festival.

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Basingclog Morris

Basingclog are clog side from Basingstoke who dance the North West style of clog, performing dances from the North of England originating some 300 years ago in and around the cotton mills.

They are a mixed side and as well performing traditional dances have been known to create new dances to further the living tradition. They believe in dancing to entertain, and we are renowned for the energy and enthusiasm we put into our dances, and for the volume of noise generated by our band.

Basingclog’s costume of black, white and red is designed to complement the style of North West dancing, giving a bright and colourful display and are famous for their floral hats!