Alton Morris

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Alton Morris are a lively and energetic Border mixed Morris side from Alton in Hampshire, easily recognized by their red and green faces with red and green tatter jackets and bowler hats.
From: Alton, Hampshire
Style: Border
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Alton Morris
You'll be able to enjoy Alton Morris at this year's Swanage Folk Festival.

Festival locations

Events are located around the town centre, mainly Sandpit Field and Shore road. Click here for a map of the locations.


Some parts of the Festival are free and others need you to buy a ticket. Click here for more details about tickets.

Alton Morris

Alton Morris will be in their red and green tatter jackets and bowler hats at Swanage Folk Festival September 2022

Alton Morris is a mixed border Morris dance team based in the town of Alton, Hampshire. They dance in distinctive red woollen hats which were copied from the brewer’s hat seen in the town museum and they used a local lion hop mark as a logo.

They started as a men’s Cotswold side in 1979.