Once again we are offering a range of workshops at various venues, some for absolute beginners, others with more able in mind. All, though, designed to get you involved and enjoying yourselves.

Catholic Church Hall Saturday

10.00-10.45  North-West Morris  for Beginners with Maggie Coleman

Maggie teaches North West Morris with the local group, Dorset Buttons.

All age groups are welcome to come and have a go at traditional North West Morris clog dancing.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Maggie will start with a warm-up followed by teaching the basic steps plus using sticks.

By the end of the session everyone will ber able to dance the basic dance  'Churchtown' and

will be invited to join in and dance with the Dorset Buttons at 11am at the Clock Tower on the seafront.


11.00-12.00 Circle Dancing with Janet Mason

Janet teaches dance at a local U3A class.

No experience necessary and you will learn dances from Russia, Israel, Francer and other countries

and will bre taught in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Please wear soft comfortable shoes and loose clothing.
No partners required.


12.15-1.15 Family Ceilidh with Maiden Oak

Maiden Oak Ceilidh Band are delighted to play again for the popular Bsarn Dance.

It is aimed at children and young people but well behaved mums and dads can join in.

Our caller will explain and show you what to do, so no previous dancing experience is necessary.

Come along and enjoy the music and join in the fun.


14.00-15.00  Traditional Flamenco Workshop for Beginners with Salud Botella

Salud was born in Spain and took up all forms of dancing from the age of 8.

She will bring her passion and excitement for this type of dance to her workshop.

She will start with a wrm-up forllowed by hand and arm techniques.

Some stepping and footwork will be practised to the tango rhythms and the workshop will finish with a short choreography.

Please wear comfortable clothes, if possible a loose skirt and shoes with a small heel.

Mowlem Committee Room Saturday
10.-10.45 Ukulele for Beginners with Chris Pullen

Join our local ukulele group and have a go at playing the ukulele. this is a fun group for absolute beginners to get started on the ukulele and has proved very popular. It is suitable for all ages but is aimed to help introduce chidren to playing a musical instrument. Please bring your own ukulele if you have one. Thbere will be a few instruments for children to borrow.

11.00-11.45 Ukulele-Let's Play Together with Chris Pullen

Let your inner George Formby out and bring 10 copies of your favourite to share, and using three basic chords, C, F and G7, together we will make it happen. This workshop is for more experienced players to come together and have a fun and enjoyable music session.

12.00-13.00 Sea Shanty Session with Wareham Whalers

Wareham Whalers have been performing shanties and sea songs for over 10 years. Their style refelcts that used on board the sailing ships to accompany the hard work needed to be carried out. During this session they will explain the origin and purposes of some of these shanties as well as performing them. You are welcome simply to listen or to join in the rousing choruses.

14.00-15.00 'Jam with Bram'

A music session for all singers and musicians alike to come along with their instruments and voices for a relaxed fun session together, playing along with Bram Taylor and his material.

Saturday 16.00-17.00 Bluegrass with Flats and Sharps.

Something new for 2018. Those Bluegrass wizards from Cornwall will be holding a music session. come along and join in for a fun session but be sure to bring along lots of enthusiasm and energy together with your instruments. this is not a beginners session but you can always come along and listen and stamp along.

Sandpit Field Marquee Sunday
10.00-11.30 'Have a Go' Workshop with Folk Orc

Folk Orc wants one thing, and that's to get more people playing music. In particular we want more people playing music together. So come along to our festival open session and workshop and 'have a go'.  Whatever your age or ability we strive to give you the chance to start playing music.

Catholic Church Hall Sunday

12.00 - 13.00 Latin American Dance for Beginners   - with Donna Diebelius FISTD

Donna was a world dasce finalist and teaches in Purbeck bringing all her skills to her workshops.

Come and have lots of fun learning to dance the Cha Cha Cha and the Samba.

Suitable for all ages with or without a partner.

Wear loose clothing and shoes with a small heel if possible.

13.00 - 14.00 Modern Line Dancing for Beginners with Donna

This will be a fun-packed workshop suitable for all ages and abilities.

She will terach easy to follow dances and with some great music.

No partners required.

Wear loose clothing and shoes with a small heel if possible.

14.15 - 15.15 Dowsing  with the Dorset Dowsers

The Dorset Dowsers Group welcome you to discover how to dowse with pendulums and rods.

Dowsing is about searching for answers to questions that may be out of our view or knowledge,

as well as its use for locating water,energy lines and lost articles.

So practise your new found skill with our little experiments.

Mowlem Committee Room Sunday
11.00-12.00 Dulcimer and Hurdy Gurdy Explained with Damian Clarke

Damian Clarke continues his mission to present the wonderfully exotic hammer dulcimer and hurdy gurdy. An international entertainer, his workshop will provide a unique opportunity for participants to experience a close encounter with both instruments, learn more about their history and even have a go at playing them.

12.30-13.30 Close Harmony with Narthen (Barry Coope, Lester Simpson, Jo Freya, Fi Fraser)

This workshop is all about singing acapella in 3 and 4 part harmony. the group will come with a range of songs in parts, to be taught in a group setting. Music will be provide but you will be able to hear the parts sung and learn them by ear. Having a member of the group sing with you is an added bonus. You do not need to be an experienced singer but someone who loves to sing and particularly loves the sounds of voices in harmony. Come with an open mind and expect to create a great sound.

15.00-16.00 West Gallery Music with Purbeck village Choir

Purbeck Village Quire is a group of singers and instrumentalists who enjoy meeting together to perform 'West Gallery' and folk music, much of which was composed by people who lived and worked in the Purbeck villages. A large part of the repertoire consists of music written in celebration of the main seasons of the year (ie Christmas and Harvest.) Again this is a session where you can simply sit back and listen to or join in with.