Programme and Tickets

Guide to Tickets

This guide has been prepared to help you obtain tickets for the Swanage Folk Festival.
The guide will help you find out where you can buy tickets, how to order them, the process involved in the purchase, how they get to you and how you use them on the festival weekend itself.
Festival tickets can be purchased in a number of ways.

Festival Flier
The festival flier has a booking form printed on the back. You can complete this form and post it to the festival booking office together with your cheque. You will need to provide a stamped addressed envelope so that we can send you your tickets.

This Web Site
There are currently three methods of purchasing tickets via the website.
The first is a 'print off' booking form which you fill in by hand. The completed form
can then be posted to the festival office with a stamped addressed envelope and your cheque. Your tickets will be posted back to you.
We also provide an option to make payment by direst bank transfer. Please email the festival box office at swanageffboxoffice@gmail.com with details of your ticket requirement and your address. We will let you have details of the festival bank account and once payment has been received the tickets will be dispatched.

We also use a company called Eventbrite who provide an online ticket purchase service. You can access the Swanage Festival site through the dedicated link provided below
 or by using the Eventbrite web site. Eventbrite only accept payment by debit or credit card. 
They will provide you with an e-ticket direct to your email account. Please print this ticket off as this serves as your ticket receipt which MUST be brought along to the festival to exchange for your actual festival tickets. Please look after them - they are valuable. These e-tickets will be checked for at the festival information desk or at the concert.

The Festival Information Desk
You will, of course, be able to purchase tickets on the weekend from the information desk on Sandpit Field. The information desk will be open from
Friday 7th September at 15.00.

Please direct all queries regarding this guide or anything about buying tickets to


or by calling:  07785241940


Friday Night Concert on Sandpit Field

Pete Christie MC
Ticket Prices:  Adult 20; Child 10

Saturday Concert on Sandpit Field
Folk Orc
Gordon Potts MC

Rod Jenkins
Mother Ukers
The Trials of Cato
Free but donations welcome.

Saturday Folk Concert-Conservative Club
Geoff Lakeman
Gilmore and Roberts
Ticket Prices:  Ticket Prices:  Adult 10; Child 5

Shanty at the Bandstand
Wareham Whalers
Dorset Wrecks
Free but donations welcome.

Saturday Night Concert on Sandpit Field
Bram Taylor MC
Flats and Sharps
Ticket Prices:  Ticket Prices:  Adult 20; Child 10

Saturday Night Ceilidh
Threepenny Bit
Gordon Potts  caller
Ticket Prices:  Adult 12; Child 6

Sunday Concert on Sandpit Field
Bram Taylor
Threepenny Bit
Model Folk
The Drystones
Free but donations welcome.

Sunday Folk Concert-Conservative Club
Damian Clarke
Geoff Lakeman

Ticket Prices:  Adult 10; Child 5

Sunday Presentation at St Mary's Church
Louise Jordan "No Petticoats Here"
Ticket Prices:  Adult 10; Child 5

Sunday Concert on Sandpit Field
Geoff Lakeman  MC
Rheingans Sisters
Young 'Uns
Ticket Prices:  Adult 20; Child 10

For further information about our performers,
please visit our lineup page.