As with most festivals, we rely heavily on stewards to help manage the various events.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who volunteers to help us.

Stewards who are able to do a least 4 hours work will be given performer's wristbands for the weekend.

There are two main roles that we need stewards for:

1. Helping to set up before the festival and to clear away at the end, thus freeing you up to enjoy the festival weekend.

2. Stewarding at events over the weekend.

Please mention any previous stewarding experience, and any times you are NOT available.

 During the remaining time you will be expected to carry out the duties allocated to you, you will not be allowed to pick and choose, but we will try to meet your wishes and preferences if you give us advanced notice.

As some venues are scattered through the town centre, please indicate if you have mobility problems.

Stewards are expected to clear rubbish and tidy chairs or stack them as appropriate at the end of an event, and may be asked to help set out chairs prior to an event. Litter picking, toilet checks and bucket collections are other duties you may be asked to do. Stewards in charge of workshops need to collect any money donated and keep a tally of attendees.

Swanage Folk Festival likes to give everyone a pleasant experience of the weekend and happy memories to take home with them, if you feel you can help us achieve this and wish to be part of the festival experience then please join us as a steward.

To apply to be a steward, please email:  swanagefolkfestival@gmail.com